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    6 Pioneers of Movie and Audio in Chi Han Cinema

    drooping over me—like an angel’s wing as I used to think, I

    carried about to friendly meetings in a Hindoo basket; that the

    I was sent in to get my tea When he was gone, my mother asked

    ‘He was a brute to you, Traddles,’ said I, indignantly; for his

    Copperfield!’ and shook me by both hands with the utmost

    She put her hand—its touch was like no other hand—upon my

    into the provinces, and seemed to pick up customers everywhere,

    pole (he having driven up the yard to turn his cart), and also what

    when I was ushered into it, that I hardly saw Mrs Creakle or Miss

    be very good,’ replied the assistant ‘You know what my position

    might refer that wise benignity of manner which I had already

    seem to cast her off, you understand, but seem to tempt her to

    have not known my partner, Mr Jorkins, as long as I have

    little puzzled ‘Are they?’

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    said Traddles ‘I should think not, though, because he told me,

    Saturday morning, when she requested an immediate settlement

    ‘They are potent spirits, and will do whatever you like,’ he

    and might have lost him But, in the then condition of my mind,

    might bring some trouble on her—I broke down, I say, as I was

    to come in and win, but what with his table-spoon to my tea-spoon,

    of artifice to Mr Jorkins But Mr Jorkins has a way of stating his

    corners This gave my aunt such unspeakable satisfaction, that I


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